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24 Carat Magic In The Air

In my personal life I’m very classic and timeless. I don’t usually care about trends or being trendy. But when it comes to my beloved Mary Jane, I’m as trendy as it comes! One of my favorite things about blogging about weed is all the different products there are. The many different ways to consume are really a testament to just how intricately beautiful the human brain is. I remember the first time I dabbed. That was a true mind fuck and that was where my desire to try EVERYTHING began. Contrary to what the blog would lead you to believe, I’m quite old school. When I started smoking weed the main options were Phillies Blunts and Top Paper. And true ballers rolled Caribbean Rounds! The only people who rolled Backwoods were the old head Jamaicans. We only had those 4 options on the East Coast. Things were much simpler in the 90s. 😂😂😂 If someone had told me 20 years ago I’d be smoking a 24K gold joint on Thanksgiving, I would’ve accused them of lacing their weed with angel dust! A 24K GOLD JOINT?!?!! 😱😱😱 Well, yes! It is a thing! I’d seen the Shine Papers sheets but the only people I ever saw smoking them were celebrities and what looked like paid models. Ain‘t no regular mufuckas smoking gold!!! So of course I started asking fellow stoners if they’d ever smoked them before. Everyone said no but all of them had an “I heard they....” story to tell. “I heard they burn fast.” “I heard they ruin ashtrays.” I’m glad I never take anyone’s word for it because these sheets are fucking FABULOUS!!! I posted a video of me enjoying the gold joint to my Instagram page. It burned evenly and slowly. And my ashtray is in tact! I thoroughly enjoyed them and will keep a reserve on deck for those special smoking occasions. If you’re looking to feel fancy like King Midas, go order these papers ASAP!

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