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A Hippie Walks Into A Full Moon...

So I realized that I'm very transparent about the dope part of me, but I hold my hippieness very close to the vest. I guess the reason for that is the stigma that goes along with it...when you're black. All my closest loved ones know my lifestyle and respect it. But being Black and all hippiefied ain't never been easy! Combine that with my stoner status and I become a breeding ground for judging and assumptions. I don't wear deodorant or lotions or use soaps that aren't homemade. I go sit in the grass or under the sun or the moon when my mood or energy is off. I charge my crystals and hold them in the same regard as Christians hold their bibles. The universe and nature are my deity. Earth is my church. This is my truth. I connect differently than most people. I connect with nature, the tides, the moon, the stars...zodiac shit is law!!! My friends and I pull cards and refer to ourselves as witches. I pray and meditate. I am thankful and grateful to the elements....I could go on and on. But I hold this close to the vest mostly because I firmly believe your spirituality is a very personal relationship. Then I realized that my experience with my spirituality may serve as a guide to someone who doesn't understand what all this is, but wants to learn. Now, that does not mean I am or willing to be anyone's guru or shit like that! LMAO! I'm still figuring the shit out myself! But sharing is caring and like Tupac, I care if no one else does. HA! There was a full moon Wednesday night and I was invited to a moon party. This is common. I usually have them alone, in my backyard, naked with a cup of tea and a joint or blunt or bowl, LMAO! But this time I went to share the moon power with others. It was a transcendent moment. I like to bathe my crystals. They work hard and I like to cleanse them often. I sometimes bathe with them when my energy is off or there's an abundance of negativity in my atmosphere. I transfer that negativity to my crystals. So every now and again, I bathe them. I submerge them in water in a mason jar and sit it outside or in a window where they can charge and release under the moonlight. So often we rely on things to align and balance us, yet we neglect to maintain the balance and harmony in those things. Maintenance is key to spiritual balance and health. I live by that! The other night the full moon was the perfect time for my crystals to bathe and recharge. Basically, take care of the things you rely on to take care of you. That's what I try to do. I try to respect nature because it nurtures me. That's my hippie story.

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