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Black Domina

I know, I know....I'm not an indica girl at all! But my good good girlfriend brought this by my house and in true stoner fashion, I couldn't turn it down! I mean, who doesn't love a challenge?! So, let's jump right in! Black Domina is indeed an indica, but it didn't give me that "in the couch" feeling that I hate about most indica strains. There was absolutely a body high, let's be clear! But the body high was very different. It wasn't heavy. It was more euphoric than I had expected from an indica. TMI moment in 5...4...3...2...1....I felt such a sense of physical euphoria, I had to test drive it *wink wink*. The orgasm was absolutely amazing from the Black Domina high! Marijuana is great for enhancing sex in general, but this was bordering on transcendent! And this was a solo session. I can't imagine what it'd be like with another person...or 3...tee hee hee....Moving on....I was able to function throughout the day and didn't have an overwhelming need to sleep. Unfortunately, I had to attend a family memorial dinner for my aunt who lost her battle with cancer and I was able to get through the dinner calmly. My mood was even and not somber beyond belief. I was still able to be in tune with my actual emotions without feeling too down. In conclusion, Black Domina is an indica that is alright with me!


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