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Blue Cheese

Man, oh man!!! I have been wanting to try this for a lonnnng time!!! Now, before I delve in, I must give the disclaimer that I’m a sativa girl. But I read an article about Blue Cheese being good for weight loss and I was intrigued. I got close to trying it once when I was touring a grow house in Boulder. Unfortunately, it hadn’t matured yet and I was only able to look and smell the beautiful buds. Unlike most women, I’ve never been concerned with my weight. But I was interested in how the hell a marijuana strain could contribute to weight loss. Like, how does this work?! Well, I was fortunate enough to stumble on some recently and got to witness first hand how this works. My experience is that BC is an appetite suppressant. It’s a great sleep aid because it puts me to sleep almost immediately after smoking it, but I don’t wake up groggy and tired. I have noticed a change in my eating habits and desires since I’ve been smoking BC. I think I’ll start charting my habits and routines with BC starting January 1st so I can give a true testimony on its weight loss properties. Sometimes I forget I have trouble sleeping and that indica strains can help with that. I get so caught up in the fact that I need to be functional and productive throughout the day, I forget I need to sleep at night too. 😂😂😂 Fortunately, I’ve been sleeping great with this strain in my system. This is definitely being added to the list of indica strains I love. I’m glad I was intrigued by BC. ♥️


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