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dear white people...

It is crazy that 1. we have to tell you that black lives matter, and 2. y'all get offended by it! What the fuck is wrong with you?! I know it isn't all white people and that there are many allies who GENUINELY give a fuck about us. I know that. This ain't for them. This is for the "all lives matter" and the even more egregious "blue lives matter" people. I almost threw up in my mouth from typing that shit. There is another category of white people that commit offenses to the Black community daily....white women. Listen, we are sick and damn tired of white women tears and the bullshit that comes with them funky ass tears. If they aren't using their damsel in distress act to become victims of their own chaos, they're being culture vultures. If Hollywood hasn't taught us anything else, it has taught us how much white women love Black accessories.....from adopting Black/African children to having surgeries to make their bodies look more like the bodies of Black women. I always assumed white people who have children with Black people, were as bothered, scared, angry, and hurt as the Black community by the racial injustices we see daily. I learned that isn't true. there are layers to the shit....

There are the white people who "have a Black friend" so they can't be racist. These mofos don't even realize just the way they say it is racially charged...or more so, it is indicative of their actual connection to or awareness of what their friends actually deal with. If you were truly in tune with and/or actual friends of these alleged Blacks in your life, no one would have to explain this shit to you. And you damn sure wouldn't be offended by the movement. If you love your friend, you should share in the heartbreak and fear that the color of their skin is a permanent target on them. No one should have to explain to you why this is a problem. Or is your white privilege so much a part of your DNA that you are trained to not flinch at the idea of an entire race being at danger for not being you? Ask yourself that shit, son.

Another type of white person, and I must admit I thought this one didn't exist for years until I witnessed it for myself, is the type who have children with Black people so their babies will be pretty. I know of at least 4 white women who have children with Black men and the only thing they ever say about their children is how pretty/handsome they are. I've even heard them express how their child(ren) should pursue a career in modeling. There is never any discussion of their personalities or academic abilities. And whenever their kids get into fights with Black children it is always for the same reason. "They were jealous of my daughter's hair/how handsome my son is." GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. OF. HERE! Ma'am, your kid probably got their ass handed to them because they're an arrogant little entitled shit. I actually had a white woman say to me that her daughter's hair is better than the Black girls' hair at her school and they are all jealous of her. My mask prevented me from spitting on this hoe. These people do not fight for Black rights. To them, our melanin is a prize. It is something to possess and brag about. They're almost right. Melanin is a prize to brag about.....WHEN YOU ARE BLACK!!! We get to be proud of our beautiful skin, not bragged on like livestock at the county fair! They like the beauty that the Black DNA provides their children, yet they attempt to hide them behind the protection their white DNA affords them.

I'll talk about one last type....the assumed ally who gets it all wrong but thinks they are really doing something beneficial. If I ever get the opportunity to have a conversation with the person who thought letting them damn white people get down on them peanut brittle ass knees, draped in kente cloth was a good idea, I'm double-back handing their ass! Shit like ain't solidarity. It's insulting and just damn wrong! Do the shit we are asking for. This is not the time for creative license! Y'all had your turn to do this shit right and y'all fucked the thing right on up! Now it's our turn to control how things go. Y'all just execute. WE built this country, literally. Our DNA is in this land. My ancestors worked. They died. They fought. They cried. They sweat. They persevered. This place belongs to us. And yet somehow, y'all make the rules and have it so that we are uncomfortable and unwelcome in our own home. These rules need to be changed. These rules need to be dismantled when they don't benefit everyone human. Black voices need to be heard and applied in order for this country to be truly equal and just. We've done the work. We have done our part ten times over. When and how are you going to step up and do yours?


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