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Hippie Crippler

This week's strain is Hippie Crippler. I thought this would be a great first strain of the week given its name. I was in for so much more than just the catchy name. Hippie Crippler is a sativa-dominant hybrid of AK-47 and Blue Satellite. They should've named this shit Professor Hippie Crippler because I COULD NOT SHUT UP!!! This shit gave me an overwhelming sense of wisdom. I couldn't stop thinking. I was coming up with so many philosophies and ideas! My brain was full ON! This is definitely a great strain if you have writer's block or need to brainstorm for a project. Its AK-47 parentage shines through! I had a lot of energy and it made me quite loquacious, that's where the Blue Satellite comes into play. Did I mention I couldn't shut up? LMAO! I had an extremely trying day yesterday and my headaches were on their worst behavior. Hippie Crippler fixed that almost immediately. Within a few minutes of smoking, my headache was completely gone for the rest of the evening. I have a history of having trouble sleeping when I don't smoke a nice indica, but this helped me relax and sleep through the night. If you can get your hands on some Hippie Crippler do not hesitate! Happy smoking!


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