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I smoked a banana leaf. True story!

I love a dope ass product, especially one that stays in line with my hippie lifestyle. Scrolling on Instagram, I stumbled on Million Bananas. This company has taken banana leaves and turned them into smoking wraps. *insert Kevin's Home Alone face* After watching a few videos and reading a few testimonials, I decided to order. Best. Decision. Ever! The hit was soooooo smooth! It is suggested that you seal the leaf with honey once you've rolled it. The first one I rolled without the honey and it was great. The second go round I used the honey to seal it and it heightened my experience. The flavor was absolutely refreshing. It tasted like Creme Brulee'. Smoking the banana leaf didn't leave that nasty taste in my mouth that I sometimes get from other wraps. Million Bananas has definitely made its way into the staples category of my smoking necessities. I am hooked!

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