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Jack Herer

SATIVAAAAAAAAA!!!! I am redeeming myself from cheating on my beloved sativa strains with an indica last week. This week's strain is a favorite of most stoners. *insert nerd shit here* Jack Herer, affectionately referred to as the Emperor of Hemp, was one of the pioneering forces behind the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis. Now back to the flower itself....this strain has a great evenly balanced effect. Let me explain what I mean by that. Most of the time weed will make any feeling more intense than it is. Your happiness feels more intense. Your awareness feels more intense. You're more in tune in general. But Jack Herer isn't like the rest in that regard. This shit has me very even and stays true to its reputation for being a great strain for stress and depression. I have my very first workshop coming up this weekend and it has been a HUGE stressor for the last 6 weeks. I've lost sleep. I've been worried and been depressed.....every negatively impacting emotion you can think of, I've felt it while preparing for this event. But I started smoking on this JH yesterday and today my MUA asked me was I excited for the event and all I could do was shrug. I was neither excited nor stressed, I just....was. And I must say this came right on time! I struggle with balancing my emotions and moods and this upcoming workshop event has made it even worse to handle! I am eternally grateful to The Creator for this plant and this strain because I needed it. The smooth even feeling is much needed in high times of stress. I often struggle with anxiety so badly that I am incapacitated and unable to complete simple tasks like taking my medicine or getting up to get myself a glass of water. It is a true blessing to have access to such an amazing plant with such healing benefits. With the holidays coming up, I'm definitely recommending this to anyone who struggles with letting their emotions control their moods. And remember to put one in the air for our pioneer, Jack! Enjoy!

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