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Stop looking at me like that!

Every stoner has had at least one moment when someone has attempted to shame them for smoking weed. It's inevitable. If I mention my emergency smoke bag that I carry for my anxiety when I'm in social settings, people look at me like I have 54 heads and 16 arms. Never mind they have a flask in their purse or pocket. *eye roll* I have friends who will get shit faced drunk and be sick as a dog every weekend, but will condemn you to the depths of hell for smoking a blunt. Alcohol fucks you up mentally and physically, yet it remains more socially acceptable than marijuana. Meanwhile, marijuana is healing dis-eases caused by alcohol, but that's none of my business. *insert Kermit's cup of tea* Am I the only one who gets tired of explaining and defending the plant? Why do people choose to be ignorant? And the most annoying part of the judgement is that it is usually coming from someone who has never smoked or consumed in any way! All they're going by is what they've seen on TV and in movies. So you're basing your strong ass opinion on some fictional entertainment shit? Oh, okay. I'm about to start handing joints to people every time they give me a stank ass judgmental look when I mention weed. Try this, bitch. It'll help with the imminent hangover you're about to have from drinking all that fucking liquor. And don't get me wrong, I can drink tequila and run with the best of them. However, I choose not to because being drunk doesn't feel good to me and it isn't worth the damage to my liver. And I am in no way judging those who partake in alcohol. I'm just making the point that what I choose to do does not have lasting damaging effects, so stop judging stoners. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!!!


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