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Stop Touching My Hair

For as long as I could remember, my angry Black woman status didn't have anything to do with White America. I was just generally irritated by stupidity across the human race. No one particular group angered me more than another. HOWEVER COMMA....white people been getting on my damn nerves lately. And no, this doesn't mean I hate them. This just means I am personally over their shit on many levels. Like most Blacks, I am over the injustices, systemic racism, blatant racism, racism privilege, police killings, etc. But my personal ass itching is stemming from the blatant attempt to discount our plight. Let me explain. I have met many interesting characters in the dope game. *pun intended* I have attempted to betray my introversion and social awkwardness in order to become a voice at a table, be it mine or otherwise. Exhausting? Yes. Necessary? Unfortunately, that's a yes as well. There is a nasty mindset in the Black community that basically states you've done something right if you attract the attention of white people. Yes, that's how systemic racism is. Y'all see that? Moving on....I've attracted the attention of quite a few white cannabis supporters. The conversations always go well until they ask me why I am doing this and what my goals are. Here's how it goes. WP: "What's your goal or end game?" ME: "I want to change the way the world views cannabis and cannabis users who look like me. I need the world to know people who look like me and smoke weed aren't criminals. It's okay to enjoy weed when you're gay, from the hood, and Black." EVERY FUCKING WP: "Yeah, I love where you're coming from! And it's not just about being Black..." YES THE FUCK IT IS JUST ABOUT BEING BLACK!!!!! No other demographic is being jailed and persecuted at alarming rates for weed like Blacks! Honey, listen to me! It will always be about being Black as long as the sun makes my melanin pop, baby!!! I cannot escape my skin color. And unfortunately, everyone who looks like me feels this way! We need a voice and I have taken that charge. So please stop telling me how much it isn't about being Black. Anytime a white woman who owns a CBD company can call the police on an 8 year old Black girl for selling bottles of water, color lines exist and are not in our (Blacks) favor! Stop discounting our plight! It's disrespectful and disheartening as a human being! It hurts me every fucking time I think "this white person gets it" and then you turn around and say some bullshit discounting me and my agenda. And yes, in this case I am embracing that word. AGENDA. Damn right I have an agenda! My agenda is to make the cannabis community a safe space for my people; the Blacks, the gays, and the urban dwellers. So if you're white and I've caught your attention, do us both a favor and keep that bleaching shit to yourself. I've been nice in the past, next mufucka to attempt to bleach my hair might not be so damn lucky. LET ME BE BLACK!!!


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