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We All We Got!!!

Man, listen. There is a common misconception that Blacks don't hold one another down. Honey, we wouldn't have made it on this continent all these centuries if we didn't hold one another down! Yes, we could do better. But everything we have is because we took it....TOGETHER. We were in the trenches together. When everything was stripped from us, and all we had was one another, we rebuilt. WE. WE. WEEEEEE!!!! White America would like to believe it rescued the melanated population from savagery. The truth is that the level of magic we possess was so astounding and powerful it intimidated them. We built this country and yet we are labeled as lazy. We continually have to work three times as hard just for half the benefit or credit. And nevertheless, we persevere. Where do you think that strength to keep going comes from? That's in-house magic, baby!!! We got us! Shit, if we sat around and waited for the validation and appreciation owed to us we would all still be in shackles. The progress we've made in our fight for total freedom is owed to us and us only. You think the first abolitionist or person to fight against slavery and civil justices was white? Hell no! We had to bring it to their attention that they were going to take their hands off us! We had allies, yes. But WE decided to free ourselves. It was not given to us. We fought for us. So I get so damn mad when I hear people, including us, say there's no solidarity in the Black community. That shit just isn't true. Every time I’ve had to draw the strength to keep going, the strength to not give up, the strength to be strong when my world was crumbling around me, it was because someone black lifted me up. I ain’t NEVER had a white person come and save me. My people, my black people are who had my back. Now this doesn’t mean I hate whites. I love all creatures on this planet. But my point is the black community is an alive and well foundation of love and support. We are the epitome of what behind the scenes looks like. For centuries we’ve had to build in silence. And though we’ve spilled into the mainstream, we still remain true to our beginnings. We network differently. We have a sense of community that you just can’t understand unless you’re one of us. It’s a black thing. So please, stop putting that bad bone out there about us because it simply isn’t true. We know where our support and blessings come from. 🗣 “CMB, we all we got!” ✌🏽

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